The rules of the game of padel

The padel court is rectangular in shape, measuring 10 x 20 m. The court is halfway divided by a net. The padel court is surrounded by glass and metal nets, which are 4 m high at the top.

In padel, the ball is brought into play “from below”. The first serve, in each game, is played on the right and then alternated between left and right sides. After being served, the ball should bounce off the opponent’s surface diagonally, in the so-called service field.

Scoring in padel is similar to the scoring found in tennis. We count the points respectively 15-30-40 – the next point means winning the game. A set is won when 6 games are achieved, with a two-game advantage being necessary. Tiebreak is played at 6-6. Paddle games are usually played with up to 2 sets won.