Padel rules, court sizes and other elements of the padel game

Requirements – what do you need to play Padel?

  • Padel court. This one comes in two sizes: For doubles (size 20 x 10 m) and for singles (20 x 6 m). Approximately 90% of all Padel courts in the world are used for doubles, as singles play is not common. A Padel court is usually surrounded by walls 3 m high.
  • A net divides the court into two sections 10m long and 0.88m high in the middle and 0.92m high at each end.
  • Padel racket. Unlike tennis, it has no strings. It is usually made of fibreglass or carbon fibre with a weight of 320 to 400 gr and a thickness of 30-38 mm.
  • Padel balls. They are very similar to tennis balls but have less pressure inside.
  • 4 players. Padel is a social sport where doubles are commonly played.

Rules – what you need to know

  • The serving team has 2 attempts per point, just like in tennis.
  • The serving player must be behind the service line, serve diagonally and the ball should bounce first on the floor. The ball should end up in the opponent’s court and should not touch the net after the first hit.
  • The point system is the same as in tennis: 15; 30; 40; Point or State.
  • A set is won when a team has collected 6 games and there is at least a 2 game difference. If there is a score of 6-5, it is extended by one more game, if the score is 6-6, it is a tie, just like in tennis.
  • The winner is the winner of 3 sets.

Read more about the rules of Padla on the World Padla Federation website.

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